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 Nancy Elliott Music

Author Rod Miller "Listening to Tall Tree" April 2019

          There’s a certain expectation I suspect most Western music aficionados have when sliding a CD into the player (or whatever you call it when playing one of those digital thingies). You expect a rich, vibrant voice accented with a hint of wide-open spaces. You expect lyrics relevant to life in the West, past or present. And you expect to hear guitars and an assemblage of other familiar instruments.

          You get all that with Nancy Elliott’s latest release, Tall Tree. But that’s where Nancy Elliott starts, rather than finishes, with this collection. It stretches the expectations of Western music to the point that she labels her music South-Western Americana.

          Backing Nancy’s resonant vocals are the expected instruments, blended with unexpected additions such as pan flutes, eagle bone whistles, native flutes, hammered dulcimer, congas, tumbas, and other assorted drums. The result is music that is undeniably Western, but with added spice that enriches the sound in unexpected and alluring ways.

It’s a good sound. And the songs are darn good, too. Slide Tall Tree from Nancy Elliott into your CD player—you’ll like what comes out.

Best of the West Review by Rick Huff March, 2019

          "Not that she didn’t do so before now but, since going solo, Arizona's Nancy Elliott has produced some especially interesting music. You’ll find more of it here. Also, you’ll discover effective use of World Music elements in the arrangements...including udu, conga and tumba as well as bone, Pan and Native flutes! Western picks include Elliott originals “Thirty Some Miles,” “A Crazy Horse,” the swinging “Starlight Ballroom,” “Horseman’s Hands” (a co-write with Stewart MacDougall), “Gypsy Heart” and a latter day McIntyre/Tyson collaboration “Desert Motel.” Among the seventeen participating players on the tracks you’ll see some old friends from various Western and Bluegrass groups including Benny Young, Bruce Huntington, Walt Michael and Stewart MacDougall, among others. The sound they all make is full and satisfying. This album is enjoyable on a number of different levels. Eleven tracks, highly recommended. CD: (available through "

No "voice" could be more authentic than the Ohio River accent of Nancy Elliott....Nancy's feeling for Southwestern Culture gets displayed in each concert she performs. In a mix of historical stories, cultural stories, and contemporary experience, Ms. Elliott displays a warmth on stage few of us can match in daily social interactions. Her guitar and persona create a feeling of being in a room speaking one-on-one with her, even if you're only one of many enjoying her refreshing musical treatment of a polished acoustic/singing/storytelling performance.

Bob Atkinson Tucson, Arizona Poet

"Nancy Elliott is a friend and fellow songwriter that I admire. She brings considerable talent and ability to the music she makes and a long lived and thought about and very unique perspective to her songs. That's what being an artist is all about No?"

          ~~~Gary McMahan, award winning poet, songwriter & humorist

" Nancy Elliott has a natural grace that lends a layer of elegance to even the rowdiest western tune. Her repertoire includes decidedly romantic covers of old classics, hand-selected tributes to strong women, and her own portfolio of love songs. Nancy's finger style guitar playing is clear and precise, and she knows her instrument well. A long history of playing solo, or in bands of various sizes has helped Nancy develop a confidence and a style that manifest in each performance. She has been good for a long time, but she is better now than she was the last time you heard her. "

          Mike Kirkwood, Concert and Festival Producer

" Nancy Elliott is a genuine and talented artist who speaks and sings from experience and from her heart. She has the unique ability to capture her audience and move them with her as she sings her original songs and tells her stories of the lifestyle and beauty of the American west. Nancy is truly an inspired and talented artist." Middleton House Concerts

"The only entertainer I have seen get applause for sound check" Kathleen Harris, Harris House Concerts

          Best known for an alluring vocal style and enrapturing music and lyrics, Nancy writes " songs inspired by real life and soaked through with color and passion then delivers them completely, no holds barred. Diane Scott, Minnesota's Lariet Lauriet

Magical, mysterious.....A master of the story telling song.... Gary Allegretto

From Email Comments;

This poet, singer, musician and author may be petite and soft spoken, but she hits the stage in a big way!

This is the music of a life rich in spirit, infused with soul.....

Whether performing a full concert or presenting the women focused "Heart of it All" program, this lady is weaving a legendary trail of music into the tapestry of her self coined genre "South Western Americana!"