Sunday Brunch at Monterey Court Sunday Brunch at Monterey Court After the Brunch Chuck Hawthorne played the brunch and was asked to play that evening as well. He agreed, as long as Blaine McIntyre, Joel Eliot and I would play the show with him. What a wonderful time it was! A round robin of original and cover tunes as we played off of and with one another. 204184548 The Usual Suspects Left to right; Don Armstrong, Nancy Elliott, Blaine McIntyre, Michael Markowitz, Wally Lawder, Kathy Baker-Addy, Ray Baker-Addy, Joyce Luna 204184549 Summer Brunch Unknown photographer. Maybe Redflower 204184550 204184551 Joel Eliot at Sunday Brunch I bet this was harmony on a Tom Russell song. Just sayin'. 204184552 Photo by Nancy Herndon 204184553 Photo by Nancy Herndon 204184554 Kerry Grombacher Sunday Brunch Photo by Nancy Herndon 204184555 Photo by Mike Moutoux 204184556 photo by Redflower 204184559 204184560 Photo by Nancy Herndon 204184561 Cory, my daughter and me at the Fashion Show Sunday Brunch 204184571 Blaine McIntyre, Sharon Schozz and Ted Ramirez 204214765 Peter McLaughlin Sunday Brunch Peter shared the stories behind many of the songs you hear him play with the bands and also some songs he had not played in a long time. 204184572 Blaine McIntyre, Earl Edmonson, Michael Markowitz 204214766 Peter McLaughlin Sunday Brunch 204184573 Sunday Brunch Photo by Bob Block 204184577 Nancy Elliott 204214841 Dennis Jay 204214842 Don Armstrong 204214843 Joel Eliot 204214844 Nancy Elliott Photo by Mike Moutoux 204214846 Stewart MacDougall 204214847 Stewart MacDougall 204214848 Ted Ramirez 204214849 Myran Schozz, Stewart MacDougall, Nancy Elliott 204214850 Earl Edmonson 07092017 204249873 Earl Edmonson 07092017 204249874 Earl Edmonson 07092017 204249875 Kathy Kolmer 07162017 204249880 Kathy Kolmer 07162017 204249886 Kathy Kolmer 07162017 204249887 Kathy Kolmer 07162017 204249888 Kathy Kolmer 07162017 204249889 Mike Dolan Father's Day Brunch and Open Mic June 18, 2017. 204262750 Mike Dolan Father's Day Brunch and Open Mic June 18, 2017. 204262751 Annie Moscow 204527582 Annie Moscow 204527583 Annie Moscow 204527585 Sabra Faulk and Tammy West 204606797 Petie Ronstadt setting up for the evening 204606798 Ted Ramirez, Ismael Barajas, Michael Markowitz 204606801 Ted Ramirez, Ismael Barajas, Michael Markowitz 204606802 Don Armstrong 204606810 Don Armstrong 204606811 Barry Ward 204856440 Bob Johnson and Blaine McIntyre 204856441 Kerry Grombacher 204856442 Stewart MacDougall April 14, 2019 Photo by Redflower Red 205663327 Jim Wilson April 7,2019 205663337 Stewart MacDougall and Eric Ramsey April 14,2019 205663338 Wally Lawder and Nancy 2018 photo Nancy Hernden 205663352 Nancy Photo by Nancy Hernden 205663353 Earl Edmonson Photo Bill Moeller 205663354 Lee Robert and James photo Redflower Red 205663355