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An Easter Grace Point

Posted by Nancy Elliott on

I hope this finds all of you well and happy, and able to be with family and loved ones for this Christian Holiday. I grew up calling this Easter Weekend. Some call this coming Sunday “Resurrection Sunday.” Call it what you will, with or without the eggs and bunnies the message of this holiday is about Hope, about Future and about the promise of promises, eternal salvation. I probably lost some folks right there. But if you are thinking about moving on, please stick around, I will make this to the point.

People like to make things complicated. We like to think we know more than the Specialist, the guy who engineered and created the machine and wrote the instructions. We can’t believe that some things are just sooo simple, so we add this and some that, you know, make it like we think it is...complicated and confusing, full of rules and regulations and warnings and disclaimers and by-laws and a lot of legalese.

But, this one thing, the Grace message of Eternal Salvation was first proclaimed simply and plainly, with no fine print. Though humans have tried to make it complicated and overwhelming, the path to eternal salvation will always be plain and simple; Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. That’s it! Yes, really. Believe and you are saved, once and for all. Today, tomorrow and forever. No matter your age, gender or race. No matter what you think you have done that has made you not worthy of being saved, know that you cannot sin so much that you are out of God’s plan. You don’t have to walk an aisle, or sign a card, or fall on your face, or publicly recount your sins, or do any kind of penitence. You don’t have to quit gambling or smoking or drinking or wearing make up and short skirts. You don’t have to do any kind of service in your church or community or for any person or agency. You can never be good enough to earn salvation because it can’t be earned, it is a grace gift for anyone. All you “do” is believe, an act completely without merit. And once you believe, you can’t unbelieve. You can’t lose your salvation, no matter what, not ever. Once saved, always saved.

Just believe. Silently and privately, in your own head, believe.

    Too easy? For you, maybe. It was not easy for Christ, however. He suffered and died on the cross for every sin of the world, imaginable and unimaginable, past, present and future; for every person past, present and future, for the sins of the unbeliever and the believer alike. So, that means sin is not an issue in regard to salvation. Salvation is not about your sins, or lack thereof. Salvation is about whether you believe. Nothing more. Grace Point

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