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Where is Grace?

Posted by Nancy Elliott on

It's a contentious topic, Christianity. Throw Jesus Christ in the mix and things get seriously out of control.

These days a popular discussion on Christianity seems to be, "You can't be a Christian if you do, or say, or think, thus and so..."

And, it wasn't too long ago I read a rant-post by a preacher who went on at length (ad nauseum, actually) about how the evangelicals were driving people away from the church. Oh? Whose church? This particular preacher's church? Or the church in general? Interesting, indeed.

If Christ was mentioned in either situation, it was well after I lost interest in the discussions and the rant. And, I lost interest purely because it became obvious that Christ was either not showing up (most likely) or showing up late (never happens).

I like to think that the participants in the "discussion" haven't been taught about Grace and its applications, or, if they have been taught, they've forgotten the lesson. Either way, their search for a Pastor or Teacher should begin immediately.

Run! Now! Find a Pastor-Teacher whose every lesson starts at Christ's Grace and ends at Christ's Grace; Who goes on at length, to ad nauseum, about Grace and who never lets his flock forget the meaning of Grace, the power of Grace; Who knows that it is only by teaching Grace on Grace, over and over, again and again that lives are changed, that History is changed. 


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Categories: In the Mirror

Categories: In the Mirror