Shows, Friends and Fun Shows, Friends and Fun AZFolklore Preserve Looks like just me but J&J are backing me up 152276594 AZFolklore Preserve Always wonderful to hear those great harmonies while you are singing! 152276599 AZFolklore Preserve Jon Messenger's is my favorite voice in Western Music 152276596 AZFolklore Preserve 152276597 My pal Diane Tribitt and me all dolled at a shoot. 150950630 AZFolklore Preserve Jeanne & Jerome are so gracious and asked me up on their second set 152276598 Torrey Music Festival, Torrey, Utah What a great backdrop! Doug Bartlett on fiddle. 129404978 Stagecoach Days , Maricopa 2010 129404975 Stagecoach Days, Maricopa Benny Young, Maxine Elderidge, Wes and Nancy 129404976 AZFolklore Preserve Jerome adding some sweet notes on Cindy Walker's Close to You 152276595 Dennis Jay Dennis Jay on Angel our Halflinger mare. He took her home with him a year later 129404974 197352484 197352485 197352487 Green Room at Heber, Utah 204184485 Don Armstrong 204184486 The Monty Gang 204184487 Sunday Brunch 204184488 A Night show at the Monty with Chuck Hawthorn #ChuckHawthornMusic #silverline 204184489 Sundays at the Monty 204184490 Cory and Me #Corythomasdance 204184491 Kerry Grombacher Sunday Brunch 204184492 Joel Eliot at the Monty 204184493 Prescott Gathering Jim Jones picking on my set. 204184495 Sunday Brunch The amazing Peter McLaughlin 204184496 Peter joined me for Sunday Brunch A great story teller when you get him talking! 204184497 At the Monty Photo unk credit 204184498 At the Monty 204184499 Kathleen Harris I think we were at Turkey Jam? 204184500 Sunday Coffee House #Saveoutmountainsfoundation Phoenix N Mountain Visitor Center 204184501 Nancy Herndon Photo 204184502 Photo Nancy Herndon 204184503 Nancy Herndon Photo 204184504 Nancy Herndon Photo 204184505 204184506 Photo Bob Block 204184507 Photo Mike Moutoux 204184509 Gary Allegretto house Concert on the Vekol 204527651 Mike Beck House Concert On the Vekol. Jeanne and Jerome Campbell sitting in. They Rocked the sage that night! 204527652 Mike Beck House Concert on the Vekol A wonderful turnout and fabulous show. Mike is one to catch when he is in your area. #MikeBeckMusic 204527654 Torrey, Utah With Doug Bartlett 204527701